Artist Statement

My work is a combination of acrylic and enamel paints, spray paint, and found objects. The assembled sculptures are born through the integration of these materials with one another onto a wood panel. I utilize bone, rubber, wood, sinew, and various types of metal. All of the objects are recycled.

I aim to reveal the unseen beauty within these otherwise everyday objects, and to bring to attention the undeniable human impact on our natural surroundings. I question what is natural.

Each piece is an attempt to answer this, and in the end, becomes anything but natural. This work is a fabrication of my surrounding environment. It is an illusion that visually redefines an animal bone, a slab of rubber, or an old rusty piece of metal. It is an ode to all objects.



  • 2005 Shrines - Nelles Studios, Williamsburg, MI
  • 2003 Specimens - Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH
  • 2003 Recent - Steep & Brew Coffee and Gallery, Madison, WI
  • 2002 New Junk - Foothills School of American Crafts, Nelsonville, OH
  • 2001 Breathe Again - Installation. Athens, OH
  • 2000 Absence of Beauty - Casa Cantina, Athens, OH
  • 2000 New Paintings - Bagel Street Deli, Athens, OH


  • 2011 SMART (Sustainable Materials and Reclaimed Things) Art and Design Show - Cycling Salamander, Charlevoix, MI
  • 2011 Emerging Artist Show - Jordan River Arts Council, East Jordan, MI
  • 2010 XXX - Jordan River Arts Council in Parnership with ISLAND, East Jordan, MI
  • 2009 Ongoing Group Exhibit - Tributaries Contemporary Gallery, Central Lake, MI
  • 2006 Unruled/ Dwellings - Baldwin Wallace College, OH
  • 2003 Hybrids - Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH
  • 2002 Ongoing Group Exhibit - Eclipse Company Town, The Plains, OH
  • 2001 Found - Casa Cantina, Athens, OH


  • 2002 Backdrop Design and Installation -Lamborn's Studio and Custom Framing, Athens, OH
  • 2001 20th Century Ode - Multi-media Lab, Ohio University College of Communication, Athens, OH


  • 2003 Artist in Residence -Hocking Valley Community Residental Center, Nelsonville, OH
  • 2002 Artist of the Month -Lamborn's Studio and Custom Framing, Athens OH


  • 2004 & 2005 "Best of Mixed Media", Juried Award - Art on the Rocks, Marquette, MI
  • 2003 Co-founder, Majestic Galleries Nelsonville, OH



  • 2001 B.F.A. Painting, Ohio University Athens, OH
  • 2001 B.F.A. Photography, Ohio University Athens, OH